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7 Good Reasons to Try Inline Skating Adventure Camps

Camps Can Help Kids Develop Inline Skating Techniques and Social Skills


If your child loves to skate or wants to learn how to skate, there are inline skating and sports oriented adventure summer camp programs available for kids aged 8 to 18 from June through August. Some camps offer aggressive, speed or hockey specific training and activities, while others offer a combination of inline skating as well as other sports related activities. Many include traditional camping activities, too. And a few offer year-round camping, training or workshop activities.

Any type of carefully selected camp activity is a good choice for young inline skaters because it gives them a chance to develop their inline skating techniques, experience other sports activities, enjoy social and competitive events, meet new people with shared interests and learn to be independent. Consider the following reasons to enroll your child in a kids summer sports camp with inline skating facilities.

Get Specialized Inline Skating Instruction

Parents and young skaters can choose a sports camp with any level of skating instruction from basic skills to elite extreme sports professionals. Sometimes there is a specific sports professional or competitive celebrity that will make a program more beneficial or exciting. A camp can also be considered because of the range of inline skating disciplines included in training. You won’t usually find that level of instruction at your local skate park. A summer camp program can be selected for a variety of instruction related reasons.
  • High quality of training available
  • Pro skaters and celebrity instructors
  • Range of skating disciplines like aggressive, speed or inline hockey available

Use Advanced Training Equipment

There are still skate parks and skating centers that do not have all of the latest equipment for inline skating. Skaters may want to take advantage of structures and protective systems that they don’t have access to during the year. This is especially true of local parks and street skating activities that don’t have resi pits and foam pits. Some skating techniques skills are hard to learn without them.
  • Jump ramps
  • Half pipes
  • Quarter pipes
  • Bars
  • Curbs
  • Bowls
  • Rails
  • Resi pits
  • Indoor and/or outdoor tracks

Enjoy New Experiences

Traveling to a new place for inline training and exploring other sports activities are all a part of what makes a kids summer sports camp special. These are just a few of the experiences that a child can enjoy in addition to inline specific training and competition at camp.
  • Nature hikes
  • Boating and water sports
  • Traditional camp activities
  • Social activities

Accept Responsibility

Any summer camp program will help teach children to be responsible in a variety of ways.
  • Organization of personal items
  • Sports equipment maintenance
  • Responsibility for living quarters
  • Unpacking and packing belongings for travel

Learn the Value of Teamwork

One of the most important experiences at a traditional summer camp is that of learning to work together as a team. Much like in adulthood where teamwork is essential to everyday life, children will learn the valuable lessons of working with their peers toward achieving a common goal.
  • Working together during practices and training
  • Mutual support at sports event or other group activity

Develop Friendships

Each individual will eventually face a situation where there are new faces in school, at work or in other situations. A kids summer adventure sports camp is an opportunity to make new friends who share inline skating interests. Learning to make friends and how to be a good friend is important in developing long term life skills.
  • Find ways to make friends
  • Discover how to maintain friendships
  • Develop mutual respect for others
  • Learn the value of friendship

Discover Independence

During their experience at a kids summer sports camp, children will experience their first taste of independence. Being away from home for the first time can be scary, but new friends and fun activities will help to make the transition easier. This will also be an important step toward college preparation, which often requires that the child leave home for months at a time.
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Develop self-sufficiency
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