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Inline Skating Camps for Skaters of All Ages

Inline Skating Camps


Inline skating camps and residential training sites are available for adults and skaters of all ages and skating levels. Many include traditional camping activities and tours, too. If you know of beginner, intermediate, advanced or sport-specific skate camp programs for adults and skaters of all ages that should be included in this list, please contact your inlineskating guide via the Inline Skating Forum.

Camp Rollerblade

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Camp Rollerblade offers weekend camps in major cities across the United States. These camps allow you to learn to inline skate close to home, they offer professional instruction, and you get to share the learning experience with other beginners.

Skate Journeys

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Skate Journeys offers a wide variety of camps including Learn to Skate Camp, Intensive Improve-Your-Skating Camps, Adult Only Camps, Teen Camps, Kids Camps, Weeklong Camps and a Skate Journey Tour Camp. All camps are for inline skating (rollerblading) only. There are two kinds of camps available. The Partner Camps work with local schools and Recreation departments to provide camps at their locations. The second type of camps are the exclusive Skate Journeys camps which are are offered throughout the year. Both types of camps are open to everyone. The only difference between these camp programs is where you register – at a partner website or at a Skate Journeys website.

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