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Make Inline Skating Part of Your Lifestyle

Add Skating Time in Without Squeezing Life Out


Make Inline Skating Part of Your Lifestyle
Photo © Frank Boellmann, iStockphoto.com

Most of us lead lives that are packed with responsibilities from dawn until dusk. How will you find time to skate when family and a somewhat skimpy social life need your attention, too?

Choosing between your inline skating or your life is not an option. You’ll find that inline skating is the perfect activity to integrate into a busy schedule, because inline activities are diverse enough to work with or almost seamlessly replace some of the things in life that you thought were irreplaceable. You can have your skates and live some, too.

There are some things that cannot be compromised in your daily schedule like eating, sleeping, hygiene, work or school. If you want to add a regular regimen of skating activities to your life, you’ll need to plan them. Start by selecting one time to call your own, and tell family members and friends that you are committing this time to inline skating for physical and mental fitness. Ask for their support and invite them to skate with you, but do not try to push anyone into your sport.

Some skaters are satisfied with a once-a-week-adventure, but many get hooked on recreational, social, fitness and/or competitive inline activities. Use these thought starters to find ways to add time without disrupting life, hurting feelings or shirking responsibilities. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find even more creative ways to find time to inline skate.

Start with Small Changes
  • Skate your dog instead of walking him. This only works with well trained pets.
  • Replace a trip to the gym with a trip to the park. You will get the same benefit.
  • Take the kids to a rink instead of to the movies. This may take a little negotiation until they are hooked on inline roller sports, too.
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual and enjoy an early morning skate.
  • Never cancel a date for inline skating, but do offer to take a date skating.
Try Bolder Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Skate to the sandwich shop or a park for lunch.
  • Use your skates as alternative transportation for other short and eventually longer distance destinations. Make sure there is a safe inline route to get there, though.
  • Become a "stroller roller" and push your infant or toddler along for a scenic ride in the park. Many rinks offer "stroller skate" activities that are even safer.
  • Take your skates along with you on busness trips. Your boss will respect you and your significant other will trust you.

A world of competitive, social, and creative opportunities will open up as your skating skills increase. Eventually, skating may invade your eating habits, wardrobe and may even influence some of your vacation choices. Don't worry. Shifting your life a bit is a small price to pay for the joy and health benefits you'll get from flying on small round wings. You will even find that roller sports are part of life  and news for others like you around the world.

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