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Holiday Valley Ski Resort

DJ/Floor Guard

Share Your Story: Share Your Roller Sports Job Experience

By Brad

My job responsibilities

Rent out skates, control music and ensure safety for skaters.

Benefits or disadvantages

I meet new people and have lots of fun.

My skating job

I am a DJ/ Floor Guard, and I work at the skate counter.

How I found this skating job

The rink is in my neighborhood, and since I have no car, it is an easy walk for me. This is the job that will practically get me my first car. And even after I get said car I will still continue to work there.


  • I encourage anybody to work at a skating rink if you want to make money and have a good time.

Carlesa Williams, About.com Inline Skating, says:

Everyone loves the rink DJ. This job helps create the atmosphere that draws skaters to their favorite rink.
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