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Readers Respond: Learn-to-Skate Adventures and Tips

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Lessons, workshops, camps, teams, clubs and classes are among your choices of ways to learn to inline skate or advance your skating skills in any discipline. Check out these learn-to-skate experiences and tips from other skaters in the sport. You can add your own adventures and suggestions right now. Share Learn-to-Skate Adventures and Tips! Share Your Experience

An Evidence on Days on Skates (DOS)

Keep the daily evidence (later you shall found it as interesting and useful) of your skating: -what (teaching, self training, join an event..., -when (the time , from...till...) -where (name of the particular place, country..., or distance from...to... - falls (where and why...) At the end of the year do inform Carlesa W. of your DOS score !
—Guest Franc Pirc-Frenk

Experiencia Escénica en el Patinaje

Un aporte al mundo del mundo patinaje es el patinaje teatral, una experiencia única y de infinitas posibilidades, que le permite al actor patinador desarrollar un sentido artístico teatral que rompe con muchas de las convenciones escénicas existentes.
—Guest teatro roller

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Learn-to-Skate Adventures and Tips

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