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Readers Respond: Inline Skating Instruction and Coaching Experiences and Tips

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Lessons, workshops, camps, teams, clubs and classes are on the list of methods used to teach inline skating or coach beginner to competitive skating skills in any discipline. Check out these teaching experiences, adventures and tips from other instructors in roller sports. You can add your own teaching adventures and suggestions right now. Share Teaching Adventures and Tips!

Learning to stop was just the start . .

Having quad skated as a child, I thought inlines would be a terrific activity for knees that could no longer tolerate the hard bending and jarring of biking and running. I bought inlines and headed out, skating for an entire year without being able to reliably stop, so I took a lesson from JennyJen in Philly. That indeed was my "start" as I was hooked! Having been taught to stop, at the age of 40, I went from routines of 10 miles up to 52 miles in the course of a year. I wrote a proposal for an inline skating club for middle school students, became an instructor, and the following year I had my club. I set out with a plan of attracting the non-atheletic, the poor self-esteemed, fuller body typed girls that needed a lifetime activity to manage a healthy body weight. What a blast! It was a sport that started with a pair of knee supports, (braces) and extra pounds, and I've been able to shed both. Now retired, I have my "lifetime" activity. Sure beats golf!
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