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Yes, You Can Adopt a Skater


If you have any skating knowledge to share and feel comfortable sharing this information, why not mentor a new skater of any age and help grow our sport. Getting a beginner started is easy and fun. And sometimes helping a newbie will rebuild and strengthen your basic skills, too.

More for New Skaters
Inline Skating Spotlight10

Learn How to Use a Slide Board

Learn how skaters can use a slide board with these simple lateral exercise training instructions.

Build Your Own Inline Skating Fitness Program

Learn how to use inline skating and other activities for fitness training and calorie management.

Safety Tips For Kids On Wheels

Learn about inline and roller skating safety tips for children.

How to V-Stop or Snow Plow Stop On Inline Skates

Learn how to do the v-stop or snow plow stop on inlline skates.

Inline Skating Schools and Workshops in North America

Discover inline skating classes, schools and training programs in North America for skaters of all ages. Learn to skate or learn to teach skating at workshops and seminars. Find or become a certified inline skating instructor.

What is Dehydration?

Find out more about dehydration and learn about many ways that inline skaters can avoid it.

Can you explain the differences between the types of bearings?

Learn about the differences between the types of inline skate bearings and their ratings systems.

What are the differences between the types of inline skate wheels?

Discover the differences between the types of inline skate wheels.

Why shop for skates at a rink or sports specialty store?

Why shop for skates at a rinks or sports specialty shops?

National Inline, Roller and Ice Skating Championships

Learn about how National Skating Championships are used to determine a country's skating champions.

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