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Which Skates are Best for Your Inline Figure Skating?


Inline figure skating includes competitive and cross-training activities for ice and roller sports enthusiasts. But, f you are not one of these experienced ice or roller skaters with boot preferences resolved and/or a coach to direct you, buying your first inline figure skates may be a little confusing. Don't worry, there are many good solutions, hardly any really bad ones, and some inexpensive alternatives, too.

Top Competitive Inline Figure Brands
Inline Skating Spotlight10

Cuba Gooding Jr. – Rink Operator

Thursday April 3, 2014

So, maybe the rink operator title is stretching the truth a bit, but Cuba Gooding Jr. did feel that his private roller hockey rink was one of the better features in his beautiful home in Pacific Palisades, California. Roller hockey is his favorite sport, and Cuba has also been a member of the All STARS Hockey League, along with model Kim Alexis, Chris Kirkpatrick of 'N Sync, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and pro hockey players Bobby Nystrom and Gary Nylund.

Gooding recently sold the property for around $10,000 million, so hopefully some lucky rich skater has a custom roller rink right at home.

National Health Through Fitness Day

Monday March 31, 2014

Rollerblade® is credited with creating one of the fastest growing sports in the world by completely changing the perception of inline Rollerblade® Logoskates. The company is also part of the 15th National Health Through Fitness Day at Capitol Hill that was held from March 4-5, 2014. This year the event was sponsored by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) and included about 150 leaders from the fitness, sports, and physical education industries who gathered to help pass legislation to overcome the sedentary lifestyle int the United States. For the past 15 years, the SFIA has brought many people together to lobby Congress, including 15-20 sports celebrities such as Herschel Walker, Mia Hamm, Abby Wambach, Peyton Manning, Tim Brown, and more who come to Washington, D. C. to help this cause.

As a major innovator in the inline skating industry, Rollerblade is always looking for ways to provide people of all ages and skating levels with opportunities to become more active and have fun. This season's National Health Through Fitness Day was a successful part of the SFIA's efforts to pass new fitness legislation.  If you want to get involved or learn about National Health Through Fitness Day, visit the Sports & Fitness Industry Association site, and to find out more about Rollerblade, visit Rollerblade.com.

© Rollerblade®, Inc.

There's Power in Numbers

Tuesday March 25, 2014

Inline skaters crossing the Pont Neuf during a Sunday afternoon skate.

Unfortunately, no one knows where we can get it. USA Roller Sports is anxious to build membership in all disciplines and so is U.S. Figure Skating as well as most other skating federations around the world, for that matter. But all sports must grow from the bottom up to provide enough enthusiastic families and kids to trickle into the elite activities, while the rest become the knowledgeable fans who skate just well enough to hang on every accomplishment of the competitors and pros and support the suppliers who make our gear to keep it affordable. We need thousands of rounders, recreational skaters, street skaters, session skaters and fitness skaters behind each one that reaches an elite status... or who is going to lead the cheers and become our roller sports fans?

So where can we find a lot of committed skaters if there are not enough of them in our skating classes, clubs, teams or roller rink sessions - and without the help of a big media recruiting opportunity like Olympic participation to inspire potential skaters?

Lets take it to the streets. There's a lot of power and fun (as well as media visibility) in group skates with a lot of participants. Group skating activities and night street skates like the FNS have existed in the United States and Europe since the development of current inline skates.

Most of these well known events are thriving, but we need to work on keeping them strong and continue to build, re-build and support our local community skates and even local parades. Outdoors is free, easy for anyone to see and when weather is not agreeable, many who are hooked will come indoors to support the rink operators - and maybe even tackle a specific roller sports skating discipline.

Prehistoric Skate Wheels?

Sunday March 23, 2014

We used to joke about "Flintstone skate wheels." That is what happens when you Four Wheel Rotationforget to do a simple rotation of your inline wheels and excessive wear patterns give you the roll of a prehistoric push cart.

Now, the snow is finally melted in most places, so it is time to do all of your spring skate cleaning and rotating. The winter was rough enough - you don't need a rough roll into nice warm weather.

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