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Carlesa Williams

Inline Skating January 2008 Archive


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Older and Bigger People Can Inline Skate, too.

Wednesday January 30, 2008
When deciding whether you or another family member should learn to inline skate or not, don't think about body size or age. Learning to skate will depend on each person's ... Read More

Skateline Malaysia's Saturday Night Skate

Monday January 28, 2008
Skateline Malaysia's recent Saturday Night Skate in Putrajaya provided social skating, exercise, and a fun way to contribute to a good cause. Many of the inline skaters were children who ... Read More

2008 SkateFresh.nl Has Another Inline Skating Tour

Friday January 25, 2008
2005 and 2006 were very fresh inline skating years. In 2005 SkateFresh organized the Holland Highlights Tour, which had participants from 15 countries and was the first inline event ... Read More

French Police Wear Inline Skates

Thursday January 24, 2008
Andy Higby took a good shot of some inline skating French Police. According to the recent post on his blog these officers are part of a French inline skating brigade ... Read More

I Love to Teach Kids to Inline and Quad Skate

Monday January 21, 2008
No coach should have a favorite skater. Each lesson brings a different kind of joy and sense of accomplishment to all involved. But, I do have a type of skating ... Read More

This Inline Figure Skater Wants a Place at the Top

Tuesday January 15, 2008
Sarah-Jane Jones of Wellington, New Zealand is already a three-time world medalist in ladies' inline figure skating. Now, she wants to become the world champion of that event. She was ... Read More

Crosstrain for Basic Inline Skating On Carpet Skates

Saturday January 12, 2008
As a child, I slid around in my socks on hardwood floors to pretend I was skating. Now, carpet skates can provide the same glide on any carpet. Sliding on ... Read More

Does Protective Gear Really Protect Inline Skaters?

Monday January 7, 2008
The London Skaters pose a question about wrist guard protection in a recent newsletter. The newsletter links to an article from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' web archives ... Read More

Laughter is Good Medicine for Inline Skating Egos

Thursday January 3, 2008
Most new inline skaters think there will be embarrassing situations associated with learning to skate, and some are actually afraid of looking silly while learning. Well, embarrassing situations do happen ... Read More

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