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Carlesa Williams

Inline Skating February 2008 Archive


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Resurrektion - Reebok's RBK 8K Pump Inline Hockey Skates

Thursday February 28, 2008
The RBK 8K Pump roller hockey skate has a new look and a unique name. The skate is now called the Resurrektion. This inline hockey skate has a ton of ... Read More

Try Inline Skating As Your Dating Game Plan

Sunday February 24, 2008
If you love to skate, an inline skating outing should be at the top of your list of possibilities for dating. And it's the perfect activity choice for that important ... Read More

Dusseldorf Championship is Inline Hockey World Qualifyer

Friday February 22, 2008
Five inline roller hockey teams will qualify to participate in the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung by competing at this year's 2008 Men's World Inline Roller Hockey Championships in Dusseldorf, ... Read More

See Camp Woodward Skaters On Fuel TV

Monday February 18, 2008
Producer and former pro inline skater, Dave Paine, brings the Camp Woodward action sports training experience to Fuel TV. The six episode series features the camp experiences of ... Read More

Pari Roller - Friday Night Fever Rolls Through Paris

Thursday February 14, 2008
Friday Night Fever rolls through the streets of Paris, France every week. The Pari Roller just might be the biggest weekly inline skating event in the world. In 1997, the ... Read More

Rollerblade Jumps Into Car Design

Thursday February 14, 2008
Why is this small car being featured on inline skating sites? Because Renault unveiled the Kangoo (Kangaroo) Concept car with features just for inline skaters at the Frankfurt Motor Show. ... Read More

Why Dannels Takes a Long Inline Skating Road to Guinness

Thursday February 14, 2008
Inline speed skater Danny Dannels, a Texas Flyers Inline Speedskating Team member, is skating across the United States for at least two reasons. He is making an attempt at ... Read More

Mom, Coach, Rink Operator and Inline Record Setter

Monday February 11, 2008
Susie Jackson of Canton, Michigan looks, talks and giggles like every other mom in the rink. But, when she suits up for inline speed skating practice, everyone realizes that she ... Read More

There's a Fresh Approach to Inline Skating in the UK

Wednesday February 6, 2008
"Skatefresh UK is the original London skate school," says Asha Kirkby, the founder and principal instructor. Asha has been teaching since 1999 and is the UK National Director for ... Read More

A Free Inline Skating Personal Trainer: TrailRunner Software

Tuesday February 5, 2008
If you take an iPod along for your inline skating sessions, you can use it to do more than just listen to music. TrailRunner freeware will help you plan your ... Read More

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