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Inline Skating April 2008 Archive


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Extremely Superior Inline Skating Statistics

Wednesday April 23, 2008
While we worry about inline skating participation, either for recreation, fitness or at specific events, inline skating is currently at the top of the list of extreme sports participants and ... Read More

19 Years of Skating Against Violence

Tuesday April 15, 2008
The Skate Against Violence Roadskate is a 450 mile anti-violence skate-a-thon that left San Francisco City Hall on Monday, April 14, 2008 at 9:00am and arrives in Santa Monica on ... Read More

Liz Miller - Inline Instruction for Skaters Near and Far

Monday April 14, 2008
Liz Miller is an inline skating instructor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you live near there, you can get your training started right now by signing up ... Read More

Share 2008 Inline Marathon Action on Skate-TV.de

Saturday April 12, 2008
If you want to share the excitement of the 28th Berlin Half Marathon, go to Skate-TV.de. Visit the vendors, listen to the athletes' perspectives, enjoy the festivities and just ... Read More

Another Season for the German Blade Challenge

Saturday April 12, 2008
The biggest German race series is the 2008 German Blade Challenge (GBC), which now has thirteen races in its seventh season. Most of the races in this series are marathons ... Read More

Roll for Asthma and Charity Events

Friday April 11, 2008
You can skate to support your favorite charity. The Chesapeake Bay Asthma Ride is a pledge-based inline skating and bike tour event that benefits children with asthma. The proceeds go ... Read More

Will a Holoholo Board Help Develop Balance?

Thursday April 10, 2008
Being a guide opens the door to interesting new off-skate exercise considerations - like will cross-training on this cute balance board from Holoholo Board Sports help my inline skaters improve ... Read More

Inline Skating Police Guard Olympic Torch in Paris

Monday April 7, 2008
The Associated Press reports that nearly 3000 French police officers including about 100 in jogging gear and on inline skates helped guard the Olympic torch as it was ... Read More

Angolan Roller Hockey Teams Celebrate Peace Day

Saturday April 5, 2008
Angola celebrated six years of peace on April 4th. And the Angola Press reports that the roller hockey junior team National Tournament at the pavilion number 1 of Cidadela Sports ... Read More

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