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LandRoller Terra Inline Recreational Skate

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LandRoller Terra Inline Recreational Skate

LandRoller Terra 9 Model

The Bottom Line

The LandRoller Terra skate delivers quality, durability, fit, and comfort in an attention-getting recreational skate design. Some experienced skaters feel that LandRoller Terras are a little heavier, a little slower and less maneuverable than many premium speed or hockey inline skates, but they are not targeted to speed or hockey enthusiasts. Landroller Terras are for any skater. Rocks, gravel and other irregularities are my weakness, so I find the multi-surface capability and the big wheel stability are attractive enough to offset any minor differences in technique or speed that are part of the user experience.


  • Multi-surface capabilities and stability.
  • Easy-to-use responsive braking.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Suitable for most traditional skating techniques.


  • Men's size 12 is the largest skate available.
  • Slightly heavier than traditional recreational inline skates.
  • This skate is no longer in production, but the updated Mojo models are now available.


  • Originally designed as an all-terrain skate.
  • Large wheels support a smooth ride, turning options, responsive braking and the ability to skate on many surfaces.
  • Out-of-line wheel configuration provides superior stability and helps shorten the user's adjustment time.
  • Hybrid boot gives support where it’s needed and comfort where it counts.
  • Heel brake is interchangeable from right to left and is easily replaced.
  • Unique, eye-catching design.

Guide Review - LandRoller Terra Inline Recreational Skate

The LandRoller Terra skates initially caught my eye because of the unusual design. They look really cool. And according to the manufacturer, the cool look has an important function. LandRollers were initially designed as all-terrain skates, and feature a patented Angled Wheel Technology™ that allows large wheels to be mounted on the skates while still keeping a short wheelbase and low center of gravity. However, the off-road features combine to give them good performance on all surfaces. So, they are marketed more as a recreational multi-surface solution and are delivered with all-purpose large wheels. Off-road wheels may come later, but are not currently shown as an option in the online stores.

In spite of the unusual configuration of this skate, you will not need to learn to skate again. Or, if you are a new skater, any inline learn-to-skate training program you choose will work for this equipment. The LandRoller Terra may appear to be quite different, but since the actual surface contact points for the wheels are similar to other inlines, a skater can use traditional skating techniques with few adjustments. These skates also feature a good traditional braking system that resembles the rear braking system on recreational inline skates. Videos on the LandRoller site show the range of maneuvers and stunts that an experienced skater can execute.

Overall, these are great skates to own for fun on trails, but there is enough stability on rougher surfaces and surface changes to consider them for city rolling, too. Off-road wheels are not available, so the concept that inspired these skates has not been explored.

Three Models Are Available:
  • Women’s Terra 9
  • Men’s Terra 9
  • Apolo Anton Ohno Limited Edition
Accessories Include:
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Easy Grip carrying handle
  • Replacement wheels with shielded bearings
  • Brake arms and pads
  • Baseball caps and tee shirts

The same Angled Wheel Technology™ is available on the Landroller Mojo inline skate package which now offers updated performance, some new features and a lighter overall weight.
User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
excellent for dog walking, Member superpip

I got these skates posted to the hotel i was staying in in the states to avoid high postage costs as i dont live in the US. i got the skates to take my dog out for runs with me. after a few hours of getting used to them, i found these skates to be excellent. they are great fun, a great way to keep fit and are ideal for me to cover pathways. primary and rough secondary roads. i can understand people who are comparing them to rollerblading saying they are inferior, but for me, i never used rollar blades before and these skates enable me to go almost anywhere on them. if you want to speed you can, if you want to go slow you can, if you want to climb hills on them you can. fair enough, they are difficult to buy as you cant get them in shops but they have a foot measurer you can print out online to get the size. go for a slightly larger size if you are unsure as you can wear an extra pair of thick socks for a better fit and more comfort. one thing that i noticed when i was learning to skate was that i was getting a pain at the bottom of my back and had to rest every 10 mins. if you bend your knees and straighten your back, this will rectify the problem. if you are taking your dog with you, get one of those retractable leads to give your dog some flexibility on the distance he is from you. overall i am delighted with the product and me and my dog are delighted with our new hobby.

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