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Inline Skate Wheels 101

Things You Should Know Before and After You Buy Inline Skate Wheels


Before you buy inline skate wheels, you need some basic information, since wheels are an important part of your inline skate setup. Wheels are designed with different combined properties to accommodate inline skaters of different sizes, at various skill levels, in a variety of inline sport disciplines and using a range of skating surfaces or skating conditions. This knowledge will be essential when you purchase new skates or replace wheels on existing skates.
  • Learn about the anatomy of an inline skate wheel.

  • Find out how the wheel durometer can affect your skating.

  • Discover the impact of various wheel profiles on skating maneuvers.

  • Get information on why the size or wheel diameter of your wheels matter.

  • Learn why some skaters keep all wheels flat on the skating surface.

  • Find out how rockering wheels can help some inline skating disciplines.

  • Learn one method of four wheel rotation.

  • Get an option for rotating five wheels.

  • Find out how to rotate three-wheeled skates.
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Inline Skate Wheel AnatomyInline Skate Wheel ProfilesWheel Durometer AffectInline Skate Wheel Diameter Affect
Flat Inline Skate Wheel SetupInline Skate Wheel RockerFour Inline Skate Wheel RotationFive Inline Skate Wheel Rotation
Three Inline Skate Wheel Rotation
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