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Frequently Asked Questions for Beginning Inline Skaters

Get answers to some questions frequently asked by new inline skaters. Discover solutions to basic entry level rollerblading problems.

What is the benefit of joining a skating team or club?
Learn about the social and training benefits for a skater who joins a recreational or competitive skating team or club.

What is a banked track speed skating clinic?
Learn about banked track clinics that give inline speed skaters and coaches an opportunity to become familiar with the international competitive standards and techniques for outdoor racing.

What are the mechanics behind roller skating?
Learn about the mechanics behind inline roller skating. Find out what makes skates roll forward or backward.

What is a private lesson inline skating coach?
Discover what a private lesson skating coach does for an inline skater. Learn about one-on-one inline skating instruction.

What should you expect at your first inline skating class?
Learn about what to expect at your first inline skating class. Discover things you can do to get the most benefit from your rollerblading lessons.

How Often Should You Inline Skate?
Learn about how much time to spend inline skating. Find a skating schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Why are some inlines skates slippery for indoor rink skating?
Learn why some inlines skates are slippery for indoor rink skating. Discover what can be done to correct unnecessary slipping and falling on indoor surfaces.

What is the difference between rollerblading and inline skating?
Learn about the difference between inline skating and rollerblading. Discover that rollerblading and inline skating are the same activity.

Am I too old to learn how to inline skate?
Am I too old to learn how to inline skate?

What is balance and why does an inline skater need it?
Learn about balance and why an inline skater needs it.

What is an amateur inline skater?
Learn when an inline skater who participates in roller sports activities or competitions is considered an amateur.

What is a pro inline skater?
Discover that an inline skater who is compensated for participation in roller sports activities or competitions is considered a pro.

Learn whether rollerblading or roller skating is easier. Find out if inline...
Learn whether inline skating or roller skating is easier. Find out if inline skating is more difficult than quad skating.

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