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Larisa Gendernalik - Coach, Artist and Inline Skating Promoter


Larisa Gendernalik - Coach, Artist and Inline Skating Promoter
Painting by Artist Larisa Gendernalik

Larisa Was a Russian Figure Skater:

Russian-born Larisa Gendernalik was coached by Alexei Mishin, a legendary Russian figure skating coach.

She is Now a Coach and Artist:

Larisa is not just a figure skating coach. She is artist of impressive inline and figure skating drawings and paintings.

Larisa Illustrates Skating Books and Articles:

The How to Jump and Spin on In-Line Skates inline figure training book (written by Jo Ann Schneider Farris and Marion Ennis Curtis) was illustrated by Larisa Gendernalik.

Larisa Gendernalik Builds Figure Skaters and Paints Skating:

Larisa Gendernalik began skating in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia and was a competitor in the Russian National Figure Skating Championships. In 1979, three years after graduating from the Academy of Sport Science and Physical Education with a Bachelor of Science degree, she became a figure skating instructor in the United States. She is Master Rated by the Professional Skaters Association, and teaches figures, freestyle, field moves, and choreography. Larisa also prepares musical arrangements for skaters. Larisa was a member of the staff at the Broadmoor World Arena for eight and one-half years, and has trained many national competitors. She is active in the International Inline Figure Skating Association and the United States Federation of Inline Figure Skating.

Larisa started drawing at a young age, and she completed several art courses in Russia. Her interest in and illustrations of recreational and technical inline and figure skating have been instrumental in helping to promote inline roller sports. Larisa's illustrations and paintings are used in books, articles and tutorials that are viewed worldwide. Some of her watercolors can be viewed in her online figureskating gallery.

She also loves dramatic theater, music, ballet, and art and skiing. Larisa coaches inline and ice figure skating and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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