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Advantages of Individual Skating and Training

Personal Training is Good for Some Skaters


Individual skating sports and training activities have advantages for the development of a skater. Training one-on-one allows a skater and the training professional to experience a program specifically designed to meet personal and athletic goals.

Skater's Perspective:

Do you treasure your solo skating time? Is it more comfortable or more productive to get personal attention from your instructor or coach? Do you need extra help or direction in specific maneuvers, stunts or even physical areas that may not be covered in a group class? Are you a skater who loves to challenge yourself, race the clock, beat the distance or elevate your own limits? Many of us are attracted to personal challenges more than team efforts and will benefit from private individualized training.

Coach and Instructor Point-of-View:

Most roller sports professionals who teach group classes and workshops enjoy the camaraderie of a group, but often face the difficulties of developing a program that fits the needs of every class member or workshop participant. Choosing the right drills and offering appropriate modifications for age, gender or physical ability are not the only problems. Class length and time also need to be considered to satisfy as many as possible. Group skating classes offer social and economic benefits, but skaters with specific technical or physical needs could end up being short changed in a group class environment.

On the other hand, instructors and coaches who work with skaters who will participate in team activities will not have these considerations. Hockey or speed skaters who need interaction as part of their training will not benefit as much from individual training except to troubleshoot select skating problems.

Benefits of Private Inline Skating Training

Individual training has advantages for a skater's personal goals, abilities and available time. And many athletes are drawn to personal challenges.

  • Program tailored to your own skating, lifestyle and life stage goals

  • Adjustable time schedule

  • Specialized coaching options

  • Faster inline skating development

If you are the type that prefers individual inline skating sports, but you want to grow personally, benefit from social networking or want access to role models, you may also want to consider joining a roller sports team or skating for an organized inline club. Individual training in a club or team environment will give you access to the benefits of group and personal training options.

If find that you are interested in diving into a specific skating activity, focus on building your solid basic skills first, and then take a look at some more traditional roller sports. Or for something different, try these unusual roller sports.

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