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An Introduction to Aggressive Inline Skating

There Are Three Aggressive Skating Categories


Aggressive skaters enjoy finding ways to defy gravity in any way humanly possible.
An Introduction to Aggressive Inline Skating
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Aggressive inline skating is a form of inline skating where stunts and tricks like jumps, grinds, slides and flips are the foundation for all of the skating maneuvers. Aggressive skaters slide on edges and ledges, jump over barriers, fly around and onto structures, rotate in the air like gymnasts and defy gravity in any way humanly possible. These maneuvers can be very dangerous, which is what gives this skating discipline an extreme, sometimes called "X," sport classification.

There are three types of aggressive inline skating. Vert skating includes aerial stunts and maneuvers in a half pipe structure that becomes vertical at the top. Street skating is when city street, plaza and campus objects or architectural elements are used as skating surfaces and take-off points for aggressive tricks. Park skating uses special areas at indoor and outdoor skate parks for aggressive stunts.

Aggressive skating and safety are an unusual combination, so more attention should be given to the use of protective gear for this stunt based sport. Skaters usually wear long loose jeans which look cool and allow unrestricted movement, but the heavy fabric weight also provides an extra layer of protection from abrasions. Special skates and boots have been developed to accommodate sliding the skate surface on rails and ledges. These stunts, tricks, and maneuvers require a very advanced level of skating skills and a thorough knowledge of how to fall safely to perform them properly and with some degree of safety.

Aggressive inline skating activities are attractive to younger skaters and thrill-seekers who do it for recreation or participate in extreme sports competitions.

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