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An Inline Skating Book Collection for Children

Find Kids' Books About the Inline Skating Sports


Whether your child is a beginner looking for basic information, a young competitor skater in a specific inline skating discipline or a kid who just loves to read about any sport, there are many books available with role models, pictures, information and even cute story lines. These inline skating books for kids may include a little training, safety or social reading to introduce a young skater to inline skating and the responsibilities that go with any sports activity.

Please remember that regardless of how good reviews or overviews may seem, reading any or all of the training-type books will not replace formal on-on-one or group training activities with a certified skating instructor.

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The Amazing Days Of Abby HayesIt's Great to Skate!Roller Hockey RadicalsRoller Hockey Rumble
Inline SkaterSnickerdoodle and the Roller-Skating HorseInline Skating Wait, Skates!
Zoe The Skating FairySole Shoes: Nate The Skate In Search Of His Mate
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