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What is Freestyle Skating?



In any sport, freestyle events allow each participant to use a style or content of his or her choice instead of a specified style or content - within a set of specified rules for the sport. In slalom and figure skating, as well as some other sports, many maneuvers or movements are allowed and competitors are judged on their creativity, artistic impression and skating skills.

Freestyle Skating (slalom)

Freestyle slalom skating is an inline skating discipline which requires the skater to perform tricks, stunts and dance-like maneuvers around a straight line of equally spaced cones. This sport is for skaters with a good sense of rhythm and fast, precise skating footwork. This style of skating is not the same as freestyle figure skating.

Freestyle skating has several main elements:

Inline freestyle skating is very popular in Europe and Asia, but not as well-known in the United States. The World Slalom Skaters Association (WSSA) is the governing body for slalom activities on all continents. It was formed in 2003 by a group of skaters who had been participating in freestyle slalom skating activities and events since 1999.

Freestyle Skating (figure)

Freestyle is the figure skating discipline that most people know about. In freestyle skating or singles freestyle skating, an inline, quad or ice skater performs a choreographed musical program that is composed of required and optional elements including footwork, jumps and spins. Pairs freestyle skating is similar to singles freeskating, except that two skaters perform together using additional optional and requires elements like lifts, throws, side-by-side jumps and spins and contact spins.


Also Known As: Slalom Skating, Cone Skating, Freestyle Slalom Skating, Singles Skating, Pairs Skating

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