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Inline Skating Safety for Skaters of All Ages

Learn to inline skate safely on different terrain, around or through obstacles, with vehicles, in groups and in various weather conditions. Discover the importance of dressing for safety while inline skating.

Protective Gear is Not Optional Equipment
Learn that protective gear is important equipment for all inline skaters.

Find a Safe Place to Learn
Discover the other things besides skates are required to start inline skating activities. Get information on the need for a safe, obstacle-free training space.

Get Fido Off Your Skating Trail
Learn what to do if you are chased by a dog while inline skating. Find ways to prevent dog attacks.

What is a Mouth Guard?
Find out what a mouth guard is, and discover what mouth guards are made of.

Keep Your Inline Skating Tricks to Yourself
Learn to choose safe locations for aggressive and stunt inline skating.

Does Protective Gear Really Protect Inline Skaters?
Learn what to expect from your inline skating protective gear.

Fall for Your Own Inline Skating
Learn about the importance of good falling techniques on skates. Find out why the ability to fall is important to inline skating development.

My Inline Skating Helmet Looks Silly and the Wrist Guards Itch
Learn the importance of forcing children to use inline skating safety gear, even if they don't want to. Prevent inline skating injuries by enforcing the use of protective pads.

Inline Skating Safety 101
Get tips and rules for inline skating safety. Learn how to prevent roller sports injuries.

Advance Your Inline Skating Abilities
Learn to skate and advance your inline skating abilities. Find out about beginner inline skating techniques, including stopping starting and maneuvering. Discover tricks and stunts to learn for fun, fitness or to develop specific inline sports.

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