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Are All Mouth Guards the Same?

There are Four Different Kinds of Mouth Guards


Ready-Made and Stock Mouth Guards

A stock mouth guard is already made and ready-to-wear. They are affordable and can be purchased in pro shops, sporting good stores, drug stores and department stores. They come in a few pre-determined sizes, but are not adjustable - except trimming with a knife or scissors.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

Boil and bite mouth guards fit better than the stock mouth protectors, and they are also available at pro shops, sporting good stores in a variety of sizes. These guards are made from thermoplastic material that can be warmed in boiling water to soften, placed in the mouth and shaped around the teeth. Boil and bite mouth guards are popular, but they are still not as comfortable as custom made mouth guards.

Custom Made Mouth Guards

Custom made mouth protectors are individually fitted and constructed in a dental office or lab under the supervision of your dentist. They will be designed around your dental impressions. These custom-made mouth guards are expensive, but they offer the most comfort and the best protection.

Flavored Mouth Guards

In 2011, MoGo Sport, LLC introduced flavored mouth guards. They are not on the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) or American Dental Association (ADA) lists, but might be well worth trying - if a plastic-flavored mouth is keeping you from skating with adequate protection. Their technology embeds a flavor right into the plastic resin, so as long as the plastic retains its integrity, the flavor lasts. The only benefit this model offers is that the flavor is an incentive for skaters and other athletes to actually wear the mouthguard. MoGo's technology uses all natural ingredients, is latex and BPA free, and has passed all toxicity tests.

Of course, a custom made mouth guard will offer the best and comfort, but there are some top picks for mouth guards that can be purchased online. You can search the oomplete selection for a mouth guard that is just right for you.

American Dental Association (ADA)

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