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Inline Skating Safety 101 - Part 3

Skating Knowledge Includes the Rules of the Road


When you lace or buckle a set of wheels on your feet, you are your own vehicle and are obligated to follow the skaters rules of the road.

  • Learn all of your local traffic regulations. Skaters have the same responsibilities as drivers in cars or bicycle riders on trails, bike paths, sidewalks and roads.

  • You must obey all traffic signals and road signs. Skaters should consider themselves as if they are a vehicle with vehicular responsibilities.

  • Be aware of any inline skating-specific laws and ordinances in your community and obey them. Many inline skating restrictions around the country are the result of a few irresponsible skaters in the past. Lets work to open new skating location opportunities, instead of closing them.

  • Always try to skate to the right side and pass on the left side when you skate on trails with other people. Remember to announce your intention to pass others by calling out “passing to the left” as you approach fellow group members, other skaters or even pedestrians. This help everyone avoid confusion and collisions.

  • Skating alone is relaxing, but skating with a partner is much safer. The extra set of eyes and ears can be useful, and there will be someone with you in case of equipment failure or injury.

  • When you are skating with a group, use a single-file line on busy routes and skate to the far right side of your trails, bike paths, sidewalks and roads. Groups should try not to run more than two abreast – even when the road traffic is light – to allow others to pass.

  • Yield to pedestrians at all times.

  • No skate rage. Always try to be polite, helpful and civic-minded on skating outings. Remember - what comes around, goes around. Treat other skaters and surface users the same way you want to be treated.

There are many things that you can do to make your skating activities safer:

Parents of young skaters should review safety tips for kids to make sure that their children's safety needs have been addressed when they skate.

If you have somehow already managed to get hurt in an inline skating related activity or have a roller sports related medical issue, find out how to treat some simple skating injuries. Once you are all patched up, come back to this article to make sure you cure as many future injuries as possible through prevention.

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