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Take Maintenance Into Consideration While Inline Skating

The Way You Inline Skate is Part of Maintenance


The things that you do while inline skating are part of your equipment maintenance routine. There are some things that a pair of traditional inline skates are not made to do. And no amount of maintenance can change it.

Inline skating is not a water sport, so try not to skate through puddles or wet grass. But, if you do have a wet or rainy-day skating session, be sure to dry your equipment and clean if necessary as soon as possible after skating.

Inline skates are also not related to earth moving equipment. Any activity that takes your skates into sand, grit or mud is doing damage, unless you have off-road or all-terrain inline skates that are designed to endure or rise above the elements. And even skates that are designed for rough terrain will need a lot of TLC between skating activities. The bearings of most inline skates are close to the ground, and the water, sand and grit from rough, wet terrain will ruin them. If you can’t avoid skating in a muddy, gritty world, be sure to clean your wheels and bearings as soon as possible after each of these skating sessions.

Inline skates are not a weapon or a toy. Many may be designed to withstand high impact situations, especially aggressive skates. But, most inline skates should not be tossed around or used for hammering of any sort, whether you are in them or not. Wheels and bearings can get warped, axles bent, closures crushed or broken, brakes weakened and more.

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