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International Inline Racing Teams and Clubs

Find Inline Speedskating Teams and Clubs Around the World

Inline speed skating clubs and inline racing teams offer a combination of fitness, social, emotional, training and fund raising benefits for members. Individualized inline training methods are usually not sufficient to develop inline racing techniques, which are often dependent on a combination of tactical planning and group strategies. Anyone who is serious about speed skating will need to consider the advantages of skating with a good speed skating club or a strong inline racing team.

Speed teams and clubs also provide a responsible social community for the member skaters who participate. Inline racing teams and clubs take advantage of the cooperation, camaraderie, give-and-take, and other social benefits that community goals and achievements can offer as well as creating an environment where each athlete learns responsibility to fellow team members.

This directory is organized by each country's listings around the world, and there are also many speed clubs and teams in the United States. Please let us know if your favorite club - in any country - is not included in these directories. Send the name of the club or team, the city, province and country, and the website or email address to your inline skating guide. Clubs or teams will not be listed without current digital contact information.


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