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Josh Wood - USA Roller Sports Inline Speed Skater


Josh Wood - USA Roller Sports Inline Speed Skater
Photo © Steve Harriman

Josh Wood - USARS World Team Member:

Josh has qualified for the USA Roller Sports world Team for seven consecutive years. So far, he has represented the US in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Team USA Sport Accomplishments:

These are some of Josh's inline speed skating career highlights:
  • 2003 Track Relay Gold Medal

  • 2004 Road Relay Gold Medal

  • 2007 Road National Champion

  • 2007 Senior World Team Member

  • 1,000m Record holder at 1:29.256 seconds after beating his own record

Training Josh is a Family Affair:

Pete and Linda Wood and Robert Stewart are Josh's speed skating coaches. In addition to being part of his coaching team, his parents provide financial and emotional support, and they are a great influence in his life.

Corporate Racing Sponsor:

Luigino Racing is Josh's corporate sponsor.

Speed Skating Goals:

Josh hopes that he will eventually earn an individual Gold Medal at the Inline World Championships and become an Olympic Gold Medalist in Ice Long Track Speed Skating.

Josh Wood Has Olympic Racing Dreams:

Josh Wood is a native Californian who lives and trains at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado and skates for Triad Racing in Citrus Heights, California. He is one of the most decorated speed skaters in current USA Roller Sports inline speed events. Josh became interested in speed skating skating when he was twelve years old in 1994 when he went to a local skating rink and saw a speed practice session. Now his favorite competitive events are the World Cup Marathons. His most thrilling experience was winning his first World Gold Medal in the 5k relay on track.

Like many accomplished speed skaters, Josh dreams of transferring his ability to inline skate on top of a wooden track surface into the skills needed to carve a path in an ice long track to race for a gold medal in the Winter Olympics.

Josh has a life beyond speed. In addition to inline racing, Josh has been among the top ten nationally ranked athletes in BMX bike racing for eight years in a row. He also likes cycling, working on his car, watching movies and playing online.

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