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Kids Learn Aggressive Inline Skating at Camp Woodward

An Inline Skating Program Unites Kids and Pro Skaters


Kids Learn Aggressive Inline Skating at Camp Woodward

Pro Skater - Jimmy Hake

Photography © Jeff Brockmeyer
Camp Woodward has summer camp programs in California, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania for kids who love to skate. These inline programs allow children to train for aggressive inline sports with pro skaters they respect. Instruction begins with a focus on basic skills, balance and technique. Then, the camp's staff and pro instructors work on each skater's individual tricks. Skating surfaces include indoor gyms, street courses, vert ramps and a spine ramp area. The skate facility also includes foam pits and resi pits designed by the pros to help keep your skater as safe as possible while training. All skaters are required to bring their own equipment and protective gear which must include:
  • Inline skates
  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
Inline skating equipment and supplies are also available for purchase at the camp facility.

Any Inline Skater Can Go to Camp Woodward

Camp Woodward's Inline Skating Program (as well as other action sports programs on site) accepts campers between the ages of 7 to 18 for all sessions. They also offer adults 19 and older a chance to be Woodward campers during select sessions. Everyone is welcome to attend camp programs regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, or disability. Athletes with a disability who may need assistance should notify the camp in advance of registration.

Inline Instructors Include Staff and Visiting Pros

Skating instruction is available at many levels from beginner to advanced in each session. Visiting pros may vary from week to week. But, the children will get instruction from our own staff of pros and amateurs, too. Approximately 12 campers are grouped with each instructor, so that each camper gets the attention they need.

Accommodations Are Shared with Other Athletes

Inline skaters and other sports campers stay in cabins with about 16 other campers who are in the same age category. Friends are allowed to room together. Each cabin has a counselor that is at least 18 years old. In addition to fun, the camp fee includes all of the essentials.
  • Well-balanced meals are included in camp fees.
  • Lodging is included for athletes, but not parents. When families come to drop off, pick up or visit their children, they can stay at local hotels or bed and breakfasts.
  • A busy daily schedule including stretching, 2.5 hours or more of inline skating instruction and skating practice is part of the camp package.
  • In addition to instruction, other leisure and recreational activities including swimming and volleyball are included. Visit each camp site for a full list of activities.
Horseback riding, paintball, go carts, canteen spending money, bike supplies and skate part purchases are not included. Children should bring between $50.00 to $100.00 for their camp bank account. They are allowed to make small withdrawals for sodas and arcade games and will not need to carry cash. Any unused funds are returned.

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